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Your home's plumbing may seem like a less troublesome system compared to HVAC units, but your pipes are not immune to damage. Even well maintained systems are subject to emergencies, requiring grave2-film.rus’ expertise. With water's naturally corrosive effects, pipes wear down and leak over time.

Our customers often find themselves staring down a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night, and when this occurs they’re comforted knowing they have someone to rely on.

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Why is a burst pipe considered a plumbing emergency?

Burst pipes are considered a plumbing emergency because of their destructive results. As water flows, it erodes anything in its path. A burst pipe only becomes larger as water breaks away the pipe’s structure. Inside the home, burst pipes contribute to floods, along with floor, furniture, and drywall damage.

You should be able to turn off your water at the main valve, which is typically located outside the home. Once you shut off the water to stop the burst pipe from gushing, your home will be left without water. grave2-film.ru will evaluate your property if any pipes burst, regardless of their location. Once the problem is fixed, we activate the main valve, providing water to all fixtures again.

Have a slab leak on your hands?

A slab leak often forms under your foundation. If an underground pipe bursts, the long-term effects are extremely damaging to the home itself. Flowing water within the soil creates soggy conditions. Concrete foundations resting on the soil will begin to heave from the unstable environment. If the burst pipe is not repaired, the foundation can heave so badly that structural damage occurs to the home itself.

To solve the problem, we begin by shutting off the water and evaluating the pipe. Once the burst area is identified, we can get to the pipe and fix it, or repipe the area. The moment the water stops flowing under the home, the soil has a chance to absorb the moisture and dry out from the burst pipe. If caught early enough, your home's structural integrity should remain firm.

How can you prevent having a clogged toilet?

Severely clogged toilets cause wastewater to backup onto your floor, creating unsanitary conditions. Prevent clogged toilet emergencies by being more aware of what you and the rest of your household puts into the drains. Save money, and prevent clogs, with less toilet paper use. Also, keep the toilet cover down to avoid foreign objects in the toilet, from toys to small toiletries.

One of the best ways to prevent a clogged toilet emergency is knowing where the nearby water valve is located. If you see the toilet filling quickly with water, close the valve immediately and give us a call.

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