Celebrate World Water Day

As an added bonus, helping out by conserving water at home will also translate to great savings on your monthly or annual water bill, which means you'll have more money left over each year for family holidays, upgrades around the house, and fun adventures with friends and family.

The What, Who, and Why of the Water Crisis

water-dropWhat is the Water Crisis? The water crisis refers to a worldwide shortage of fresh, potable, and safe water for people to drink, cook with, and wash with.

Who’s Affected by the Water Crisis? Over 663 million (1 in 10) people around the globe don’t have access to safe water. In order to survive, they must often travel long distances or face extreme measures to find water that isn't dirty, contaminated, and dangerous.

Why is the Water Crisis Happening? There are many reasons that contribute to global water scarcity, and they include climate changes, increasing industrial, agricultural, and personal demand, pollution, and waste. Americans alone waste about a trillion gallons of water each year.

The What, When, and Where of World Water Day

What is World Water Day? World Water Day is a day of observance that was created back in 1993 to draw attention to and help combat the water crisis. The theme of this year’s event is wastewater.

When Is World Water Day? The event takes place every year on March 22. This year, the date is Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

Where Is World Water Day? World Water Day is an international event. There are events being hosted all over the world to celebrate the day and spread information about the water crisis.

wasting-waterHow Can You Participate?

There are lots of things you can do around the house to reduce water waste, reduce the demand for water, and help conserve some of the Earth’s precious clean water. Here are some things you can do this World Water Day, and every day, to save water:

General conservation around the house:

-Have shorter showers
-Don’t run the water when you're washing dishes, brushing your teeth, sudsing up in the shower, or lathering up your hands to wash
-Flush the toilet less often (if it’s yellow, let it mellow), and never flush unnecessarily
-Use rain barrels to collect rainwater for the garden, and grow drought-resistant plants
-Use water-smart appliances (toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines), and only run washers when they're full

Plumbing DIY to reduce water waste:

-Insulate your hot water pipes to bring hot water to faucets faster
-Put full water bottles inside toilet tanks
-Perform monthly leak inspections at toilets, faucets, and pipes
-Suss out hidden leaks by checking the water meter, not using water for two hours, and checking the meter reading again
-Replace old fixtures and toilets with water-saving and low-flow alternatives

Nobody understands the dire effects of the global water crisis like Californians, and that’s why we here at grave2-film.ru in Temecula, CA will be celebrating World Water Day this March. We encourage you to participate as well, by reducing water usage around the house, telling your friends and family, and calling us at to fix leaks, drips, and other water-wasting plumbing problems around the house.