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Garbage Disposal Services in Temecula & Houston

Garbage disposals can develop problems over time. Your plumber will be able to determine if a basic repair or a replacement is more cost effective for the long run. While most problems can be repaired, in some cases replacement is the only option. Our technicians will inspect your unit and provide the best course of action. We also provide easy maintenance tips so you can enjoy your unit for years to come. For all of your garbage disposal needs, look to grave2-film.ru, serving Temecula, Houston, and surrounding areas. Read our customer reviews here.

What some common garbage disposal problems?

The most common problem is a unit that fails to activate. The circuit breaker could be to blame and will need to be inspected for power issues. If there is power at the circuit breaker, inspect the bottom of the garbage disposal. Most units have a tiny reset button there. If this button has popped out, there is a problem with the motor. The motor usually overheats if there is a jam.

As a result, a jammed unit is another common problem. Foods and various items can lead to this. Make sure you are keeping difficult items out of your unit, such as bones, pasta, rice, and fibrous vegetable. Most jams can be cleared by accessing an area underneath the motor using an Allen wrench. When removing jams from a disposal, always use tongs or pliers to avoid injuries. If you are having trouble with a particular jam, or you think something else may be wrong with your disposal unit, contact us for help.

A leak is also another issue that can affect your unit. Most leaks occur at the drain, so we recommend inspecting this area first. If the drain pipe has a leak, the rubber gasket must be replaced. If the garbage disposal is new, the ring next to the sink flange must be inspected.

Should you repair or replace your unit?

Our technicians can often repair most garbage disposal problems. However, if possible, we can also simply replace the affected component without replacing the entire disposal unit.

For example, if your unit is leaking, the seal may need a replacement. If there is a major jam, we will replace the motor if it is burned out.

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